Venture Philanthropy

Venture Philanthropy

Venture philanthropy has been one of Jenny’s passions for several years. As with seed investment this is project and founder driven, but the process is most often entirely philanthropic. Jenny is a supporter of the founder’s pledge approach, where appropriate.

Many of the ventures seeded and included in the seed investment portfolio have a strong public good and impact focus and this is carried through into the venture philanthropy work.

A few of the projects backed by way of venture philanthropy include:

impact awards

Foundation partner

An annual event – the Impact Awards started in 2019.
Founded by Guy Ryan and the Inspiring Stories Charitable Trust.
The Awards recognise and celebrate inspiring New Zealanders aged 16 to 30 who are making a difference. In 2020 there are five award categories: inclusion, enterprise, wellbeing, climate and global impact.


A public good venture.
The complete guide to the New Zealand election in 2020. A guide to all policies, all candidates and all parties.


Public good venture

Policy tool for the 2019 local elections with details on policies and candidates in all electorates in NZ.



Founded by Edmund Hillary Fellows Emeline Paat-Dahlstrom and Eric Dahlstrom.
Creating and catalysing a space ecosystem in New Zealand.


Founding principal sponsor – Public good venture

A social and economic study of ambition in New Zealand.
The book “Ambition – What New Zealanders think and why it matters” by economists Julie Fry and Hayden Glass was published in 2019.